Pouya Dianat

may 24, 2018 | Switchyards 


Pouya Dianat is the Managing Director and Founder at Beam Imagination, an Atlanta-based creativity shop that pushes the limits of gear to create unique content for brands. Pouya started Beam Imagination after starting his career as a newspaper and magazine photographer where he learned the power of the camera. With that tool of the imagination and a knack for breaking away from the pack, Pouya found interesting perspectives on the most mundane of settings.

The world of editorial and sports photography, however, still felt limiting and there was a need for more creatives that sit at the intersection of technology and creativity. Pouya and his incredible team at Beam set off to carve out a niche for seeing things a in a different light. No matter the medium or how crazy the project the content is rooted in photography and an understanding of this important storytelling device.

Reel: https://vimeo.com/245280335